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Top 5 in 1 Beauty elixir
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5 in 1 Beauty elixir. Photo 1
Top New 5 in1 Men´s Shot
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5 in1 Men´s Shot. Photo 1
Sale Active freedom capsules
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54.99€ 59.99€
Active freedom capsules. Photo 1
Cistus incanus capsules
In Stock
Cistus incanus capsules. Photo 1
New LR: GO Preperformance gel
In Stock
LR: GO Preperformance gel. Photo 1
Mind master extreme performance powder
Active freedom capsules 3pcs set
Cistus Incanus The quick spray for the  throat
New LR: GO Intra performance powder
Mind master extreme performance powder 5pcs set
Top New 5 in 1 Beauty elixir & 5 in 1 Men´s shot
Cistus incanus soothing tea
In Stock
Cistus incanus soothing tea. Photo 1
LR: GO Post performance bar (lemon flavour)
Night master
In Stock
Night master. Photo 1
Pro 12 capsules
In Stock
Pro 12 capsules. Photo 1
Cistus incanus capsules 3 pcs set
LR: GO Post performance bar (choco flavour)
Pro 12 capsules 3pcs set
In Stock
Pro 12 capsules 3pcs set. Photo 1
LR: GO Post performance bar (lemon+choko flavour)
Probalance tablets
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Probalance tablets. Photo 1
Reishi plus capsules
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Reishi plus capsules. Photo 1
Colostrum capsules
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Colostrum capsules. Photo 1
pH stripes
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pH stripes. Photo 1 pH stripes. Photo 2
Probalance tablets 3pcs set
In Stock
Probalance tablets 3pcs set. Photo 1
Colostrum capsules 3 pcs set
In Stock
Colostrum capsules 3 pcs set. Photo 1
Reishi plus capsules 3 pcs set
In Stock
Reishi plus capsules 3 pcs set. Photo 1
Super Omega capsules
In Stock
Super Omega capsules. Photo 1
Super Omega capsules 4 pcs set
In Stock
Super Omega capsules 4 pcs set. Photo 1
Vita Active vitamines and minerals
Vita active red 3 pcs set
In Stock
Vita active red 3 pcs set. Photo 1

LR Health Solutions

The LR health solutions line occupies a special place in the brand's product range. The confidence that the manufacturer has really succeeded in creating unique products for energy and well-being is based on:

  • own scientific research;
  • work of the best experts in the field of dietetics, physiology, healthy lifestyle;
  • rich experience in direct sales of LR health products in the world;
  • feedback from satisfied customers.

We are proud to offer the best LR products to US residents. Health care has been in the center of the company's attention for more than 20 years. The constant growth in sales speaks of the need and benefits of the products. Their homeland is Germany, and the products enjoy constant success in 30 countries around the world.

LR Health store assortment

Now you have an opportunity to buy LR health solutions on our website - the official partner of the manufacturer. We have the most attractive price for original products from Germany. You can buy novelties from us earlier, promotions and discounts on health products are available to our customers more often.

So, the LR health store presents:

  • energy powder, charged with strength for the whole day, without lactose, sugar, gluten;
  • gels for pre-preparation of the body for high physical activity, training, competitions with extracts of blueberries, red orange, golden root, green tea;
  • active beauty complexes in a convenient format with peptides, copper, zinc, hyaluronic acid;
  • capsules for active movement, filling the joints and bones with strength, endurance, mobility.

Each type of product of this line is adapted to the specific needs of consumers. Our site will provide you with guaranteed quality health products. Choose products based on the tasks that you have to solve on a daily basis. Now they can be bought in the United States of America directly from the manufacturer at a bargain price.

Who is LR Health Care products for?

The products are aimed at people who value excellent health, good physical shape, energy and mobility. Among our consumers are ordinary people, amateur athletes, professionals. We sell unique brand products directly and without overpayments.

The online store allows you to buy LR Health Care products in 2-3 clicks. Doubt your choice or have questions? Ask our support team. We want every dollar spent by you with maximum pleasure and efficiency. We are waiting for you and always ready to help.

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