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Aloe vera baby sensitive washing lotion and shampoo
Aloe vera sensitive face and body lotion
Aloe vera gentle protective cream
Aloe vera baby set
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Aloe vera baby set. Photo 1
Aloe vera jungle friends 3in1 shampoo, hair conditioner and washing lotion
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Aloe vera jungle friends set
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Aloe vera jungle friends set. Photo 1
Aloe vera kids SPF50 sun care spray

LR aloe vera for children: Baby care special series

"The best is for children." This slogan appeared for a reason, because it is in childhood that the foundations of health and beauty are laid. They are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Realizing this, Luxury Health & Beauty has created LR aloe vera for baby skin, as well as other products of the Baby care line, which you can buy in our online store. Each of them will make the process of caring for children's skin and hair pleasant and safe for both the kids and their parents.

Assortment of LR aloe vera baby products

First of all health benefits and safety are taken into account, not the aesthetic factor in the production of cosmetic products for children. After all, we are talking about delicate skin, which is in the process of formation and performs a protective function. The same can be said about hair. Therefore, buying LR Baby care means getting a synergy of active ingredients that provide high-quality care and gentle care for the baby's body.

This applies to every product in this line:

  • On the site you can buy several products for  your haircare:
        ◦ LR baby shampoo and lotion for sensitive skin. The main ingredients are aloe vera, soybean oil and calendula. Their combination, as well as the absence of perfume oil and sulfates, allows gentle cleansing and protection of the skin from drying out.
        ◦ LR aloe vera 3 in 1 baby hair care combines shampoo, conditioner and lotion. The delicate texture with panthenol and a slight peach scent will turn bathing and washing your hair into a pleasant and beneficial procedure with a wonderful result – beautiful and shiny hair of your baby.
  • LR aloe vera baby lotion is designed for easy and comfortable washing of the face and body. It is combined with natural oils, containing organic calendula extract and panthenol. These components allow you to use the product even if the child has a sensitive skin. In addition, it does not contain perfume oil, which can cause irritation.
  • LR aloe vera children's protective cream will ideally cope with the problem of inflamed skin. The combination of aloe vera gel, panthenol, calendula extract and zinc accelerate regeneration and prevents the further appearance of diaper rash. Beeswax and glycerin soothe baby's delicate skin and make care painless and pleasant.
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