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Aloe vera nutri repair hair conditioner
Aloe vera nutri repair shampoo
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Aloe vera nutri repair hair mask
Aloe vera nutri repair hair care set

LR with aloe vera: give your hair a premium treatment!

Among all the elements of natural beauty, hair is considered to be the most valuable. It allows you to radically change the image through various hairstyles, as well as manipulations in the form of painting or cutting. But the more often such “experiments” occur, the more hair needs intensive care and protection from damaging factors.

LR Hair care products are recommended to all  who care not only about beauty and appearance, but also about the health of this precious resource.

How to take care of your hair?

Even specialists in the field of cosmetology and medicine do not have a definite answer to this question, because everything is strictly individual. But there are general rules that are universal for any type of hair:

  • Properly selected comb (brush). It is better that it is made of natural or combined material (wood, natural bristles, rubber, etc.).
  • Careful combing, without sudden movements. Especially in the case of long hair (not only to avoid pain, but also damage of the hair structure).
  • Individual care according to the type of scalp and possible problems (dry, rare, split ends, damaged).

It is especially difficult to decide on the last point, because you can get easily lost  in variety of care products. But if you're looking there to buy quality product directly from the manufacturer, pay attention to LR shampoo aloe vera, as well as other items of this line. They are suitable for daily and regular use and are  universal solution for all types of hair, with different problems.

For those who like to combine business with pleasure, a unique category of our online store: aromatherapy

LR aloe vera hair treatment: What's different from the other products?

Aloe vera extract is the basis of the professional hair care line developed by the LR brand. Its healing properties have long been known in cosmetology and medicine. Thanks to its unique composition, aloe vera provides:

  • Nutrition and hydration;
  • Acceleration of growth - through the impact on the "sleeping" hair follicules;
  • Recovery and regeneration, incl. after intense damage (coloring, curling, using a hair dryer / curling iron / ironing);
  • Protection from the impact of external damaging factors;
  • Prevention of dandruff and other problems / diseases.

In the hair care product line healing aloe vera extract is combined with oils and other active ingredients, which allows comprehensive care for hair of any type and length.

How to enhance the effect, or what to take from the LR Aloe Vera hair care line?

Choosing LR aloe vera hair moisturizer, we recommend paying attention not only to standard care (shampoo), but also additional ones in the form of a conditioner and a special mask. They can be bought individually or ordered as a set to provide comprehensive intensive care, nutrition and protection. Your hair style will definitely say “thank you” - by a healthy, beautiful, luxurious look.

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