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5 in 1 Beauty elixir & 5 in 1 Men´s shot LR

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5 in 1 Beauty elixir for her 

You want to look youthful and beautiful? With nothing to hide? Irrespective of age? You are not the only one with this desire – the natural and healthy look is the No.1 ideal of beauty.

5in1 beauty elixir fulfils your 5 biggest beauty wishes with only 1 shot a day – for natural persistent beauty.


Active complex: activates the beauty processes and combats signs of aging. It combines the best-known essentialbeauty ingredients in highest concentration

  • 2,5g collagen peptides

  • 50mg hyluaronic acid

  • valuable copper

  • effective zinc

  • high content of 9 viamins:100% vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6, viotin, B12, vitamin C per day allowance and 75% vitamin A pre day allowance*


Preventive complex protects you from external aggressors and prevents signs of aging. It combines the most vital ingredients with the power of nature:

  • 20% aloe vera gel

  • blood orange extract

  • blueberry extract

  • golden root extract

  • green tea extract


5in1 beauty elixir provides a youthful beauty from head to toe

  1. Youthful look with wefer wrinkles

  2. Beautiful complexion

  3. Healthy connective tissue

  4. Strong shiny hair

  5. Strong, healthy nails

5 in 1 pure masculinity in 1 shot for him

This innovative power drink contains the concentrated power of selected active ingredients from science and nature, specially adapted to the needs of men. Your all-in-one solution in only one to-go shot per day. For more energy, healthy skin, thick hair, attractive muscles and strong virility.


Active complex: With an innovative mix of active ingredients, it activates the five build -up processes of pure masculinity in the body.

  • Build-up specialists, such as collagen and L-arginine

  • 5 effective mineral boosters, such as zinc, coper, magnesium, manganese and selenium

  • high content of 10 vitamins *


Prevetive complex: Its effective combination of natural ingredients potects and works preventively

  • black pepper extract

  • caffeine from green tea

  • black currant

  • blood orange

5in1 men´s shot per day provides:

1. More energy. Supports the metabolism and provides more power during the day.

2.Plawless complexion. Valuable nutrients preserve the skin´s texture and support the formation of collagen for less wrinkles

3. Attractive muscles. Supports energy metabolism and muscle unction

4. Healthy virility. The natural formation of testosterone is supported and testosterone levels are maintained


Besides it is:

  • Lactose-free

  • Gluten -free

  • Sugar-free

  • Without artificial colorants

Volume: 30x25ml

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