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Peppermint essential oil
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Cedar essential oil
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Bergamon essential oil
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Orange essential oil
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Lemon essential oil
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Thymian essential oil
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Lavender essential oil
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Eukalyptus essential oil
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Care oil
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Essential oils care set
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Soul of nature 4 moods set
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Natural oils Health and Beauty

Buying natural Health and Beauty oils means getting products with 100% natural origin, which are completely safe for human use. Well suited for aromatherapy when used in aroma lamps, diffusers, aromatic fireplaces. You can also use the products while taking a bath, which will not only cleanse your skin, but also get an additional effect.

Selection of essential oils Health and Beauty

Essential oils for Health and Beauty aromatherapy are presented in a large assortment, which makes it possible to buy the right option for different purposes. The catalog contains the following options:

  • Lavender. Allows the body to relax, fills with strength, remaining in harmony with yourself.
  • Bergamot. Helps to soothe the skin and body as a whole, relax and restore strength.
  • Peppermint. This component in LR essential oils provides clarity of mind, stimulation of the body's resources, fills it with strength.
  • Orange. It has a tonic effect, thanks to which the body is filled with energy. There is a refreshing effect. It has a positive effect on mood, accelerates recovery after illness or significant physical exertion.
  • Eucalyptus. It activates the capabilities of the body, improves focus on certain areas.
  • Lemon. It has tonic properties, allows you to activate the body's defence, improves a person's ability to focus on individual tasks.
  • Thyme. Beauty and Health essential oils with this component create good prerequisites for focusing on the implementation of tasks, and allow to stimulate the internal resources of the body. They have a tonic effect.
  • Cedar. They have an invigorating effect, add inspiration.

Essential oils LR in our store is an opportunity to create a unique aromatic composition, which will have a complex effect on the body. You can use the funds for aromatherapy or add to water during water procedures.

You can choose the Health and Beauty natural oils that suit your wishes from the catalog or buy a set of four different types. Several options of sets are available at once, which differ in their compositions and are designed for different preferences.

The best essential oils LR Health & Beauty

Essential oils LR in the Luxury Health & Beauty online store includes the maximum amount of natural ingredients, the content of which reaches 99%. At the same time, a significant part is allocated for 100% natural essential oils.

The assortment of the Health and Beauty store includes a variety of products, which allow you to buy the right option for your mood and needs. You can also order ready-made sets, where four flavors are collected at once. Delivery of products Health and Beauty natural oils within the United States is provided after completing an order.

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