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Aloe vera calming shaving gel
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Aloe vera calming shaving gel. Photo 1
Aloe vera calming shaving foam
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Aloe vera calming shaving foam. Photo 1
Aloe vera 2in1 hair and mustache balm
Aloe vera 2 in1 face and beard oil
Aloe vera 4 in1 body, hair, face and mustache shampoo
Aloe vera antistress cream
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Aloe vera antistress cream. Photo 1
Aloe vera after shave balm
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Aloe vera after shave balm. Photo 1
Aloe vera men´s set 1
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Aloe vera men´s set 1. Photo 1
Aloe vera men´s set 2
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Aloe vera men´s set 2. Photo 1

LR aloe vera for men: a line for strong and stylish

“Are beauty and fashion for women only”? If ever it was relevant, it is certainly not in our time. Today, most men's professions require a neat appearance. Yes, and to raise their own self-esteem and personal comfort, any person needs to take care of himself. That's whyLR offers to buy a special line:health and beauty  for men, which includes original products necessary for daily and regular care, based on natural ingredients.

Health and beauty for men in the US online store

Many men are faced with the fact that mass-market care products have a negative effect on the skin, health and appearance of hair (mustache, beard). Some can cause dryness, irritation, and even allergic reactions. And the busy rhythm of life does not allow enough time to find individually suitable products. But now you can buy a rulerhealth and beauty for men, which is suitable even for those who have sensitive or problematic skin, and there is also a need for special care for hair, mustache, beard.

As part of products from LR:

  • Natural aloe vera extract, which is equally beneficial for both skin and hair. Soothes, moisturizes, protects, regenerates. Gives a feeling of softness and freshness.
  • Special oils - to enhance the main component, as well as moisturizing and protecting the skin from the inside, restoring the structure of the hair, making it smooth and healthy.
  • Active substances (extracts, minerals, vitamins) - for the most gentle and high-quality care, preserving not only external beauty, but also the health of skin cells and hair follicules.

The combination of components in each of the products has been laboratory tested, which allows us to recommend products even to those with special care needs. For example,LR aloe vera after shave balm not only moisturizes the skin, but prevents the appearance of irritation, has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

LR aloe vera products for men at

Product line for men in the store of our brand can be bought both as separate units and as part of sets. Ready-made kits are very convenient, as they contain 2-3 products at once (for example, shaving balm + aftershave lotion + special cream). Pay attention to these items in order to provide yourself with high-quality care for your health and beauty in one click.

Well, for those who want to diversify the daily beauty rituals for the whole family, adding pleasure and aroma to them, we recommend that you look into the very interesting category our online store - aromatherapy products!

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