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What is the best natural cosmetics ?

US Natural Cosmetics Brands: What's the Difference?

The global trend for naturalness has given rise to a natural question among girls - which natural cosmetics is better and what criteria should be paid attention to in the selection process. This is especially true for owners of problematic skin: hypersensitivity, irritability, a special reaction to certain substances, etc.

In addition, the best natural cosmetics are not only about the beauty and health of the face and body, but also about the effect on the body from the inside. And in this matter, sometimes even the best brands of cosmetics are powerless, because they focus on products that work only on the upper layers of the epidermis. Although, ideally, care from the outside should be supported by care for internal health.

How to choose your brand of natural cosmetics?

In theory, it would be necessary to acquire product samples in order to experience the best brands of natural cosmetics. But this approach is justified in rare cases. It is due to the fact that the skin and the body can react to each new product in completely different ways. Products from different manufacturers, combined in care, may not give the synergistic effect that the best line of natural cosmetics from one manufacturer can provide.

Therefore, when choosing the best brand of cosmetic products, we pay attention to:

  • General characteristics of the company.
    The market has long had specific opinions about firms, especially if they have been “in business” for decades. The best natural cosmetics are those that are appreciated by users in the world and the number of which is growing every day. After all, a self-respecting brand will do its best to increase a positive reputation among users.
  • The quality of raw materials and composition of products.
    The best natural cosmetics are those that are suitable for even the most sensitive and demanding skin. To ensure this effect, you need to use the most natural, and at the same time effective components. For example, aloe vera extract, the effectiveness of which has been proven by experts in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology.
  • Range.
    How can this criterion determine the best brand of natural cosmetics? But if the same manufacturer offers not only standard care and anti-aging products, but also products for internal health (bars from the diet of sports nutrition, drinking gels), this indicates the level of the company. Because if the skin can “forgive” some shortcomings due to intensive and frequent renewal, then the internal organs are an order of magnitude “demanding” to this kind of goods.
  • Uniqueness.
    The best natural cosmetics are those that combine both care and pleasure from the usual “beauty rituals”. Aromatherapy products are popular in this regard. They simultaneously help to achieve the effect of relaxation and relaxation, and also have a beneficial effect on the entire body. And if the list of brand products contains aromatic essential oils (which must also meet quality standards), then it is worth paying attention to.

German brand LR: the best line of natural cosmetics

When choosing which natural cosmetics is better, we recommend paying attention to the products of the German manufacturer LR Health and Beauty. The range and luxury quality have already been appreciated by users in 26 countries around the world. Discover the possibilities, quality and effectiveness of care products from a direct manufacturer and you are now a direct delivery to the USA!


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