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Aloe vera fresh tooth gel
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Aloe vera fresh tooth gel. Photo 1
Aloe vera hydrating lip balm
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Aloe vera hydrating lip balm. Photo 1
Aloe vera sensitive tooth gel
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Aloe vera sensitive tooth gel. Photo 1
Aloe vera oral care set
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Aloe vera oral care set. Photo 1
Aloe vera jungle friends magic sparkling tooth paste

LR Aloe vera: dental and lip care from Luxury Health & Beauty

It's nice to live in a world with a lot of smiles. We want to see not only smiling people around, but also to enjoy our own smiling reflection in the mirror. To make this desire a permanent reality, we have created the world's best aloe vera LR toothpaste, as well as other Oral care products available at Each of the products is worth an attention of those who appreciate not only the cosmetic effect, but also the health benefits.

LR aloe vera tooth gel: how to choose from the range

When choosing oral care products, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the teeth, individual (including age) characteristics and the basic active ingredients of the product. Our aloe vera toothpaste in this regard is able to satisfy the search for a quality product for both adults and children.

The main feature of the Oral care LR line is high percentage of aloe vera in the products. This provides:

  • Elimination of pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity;
  • Anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect of toothpaste;
  • Gentle cleaning of tooth enamel.

In the assortment of the store you can buy several types of LR tooth gels of the Oral care line with aloe vera:

  • Fluoride Free Aloe vera Tooth gel - This product is designed for daily brushing. Provides gentle but thorough cleaning of teeth and gums, prevents from local diseases, supports fresh breath. It has a mild anti-inflammatory effect due to the synergistic action of components, including echinacea extract, glycerin and propolis.
  • With fluoride Aloe vera Tooth paste for sensitive teeth- to reduce tooth hypersensitivity. This problem is very common for many people and often causes not only physical discomfort, but also leads to health problems. LR aloe vera tooth paste provides a thorough gentle cleansing of the entire mouth, gives fresh breath and reduces tooth sensitivity from the very first use.
  • With xylitol and fluoride – sparkling tooth gel for children. Jungle friends gel will turn the process of brushing your teeth into a pleasant procedure thanks to its delicate, shiny structure. A complex of optimally selected components will take care of the health of children's teeth and gums.

Luxury Health & Beauty: original german Oral care products in the USA

In addition to tooth gels, you can buy a truly magical moisturizing lip balm in our online store. Thanks to aloe vera, jojoba and castor oils, as well as minerals in the composition, it gives the lips a slight shine, and most importantly - protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment.

Also, for convenience and savings, you can immediately buy a set that includes several LR aloe vera Oral care products - so that your smile is healthy and beautiful in every sense of the word.

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