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Relaxed soul fragrance composition
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Relaxed soul Roll-on
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Relaxed soul Roll-on. Photo 1
Relaxed soul body butter
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Relaxed soul shower gel
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Relaxed soul room and pillow spray
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Relaxed soul set
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Relaxed Soul LR is a premium line of the German brand of natural cosmetics, created for relaxation and peace through aromatherapy. The perfect composition of aromas in each Relax Soul aromatherapy product helps fight tension and stress, calms the nervous system, sets in a positive mood and promotes relaxation. You can buy the original Relaxed Soul series at Health and Beauty at a bargain price, and at the same time be sure of 100% originality of the product.

Relaxed Soul LR product range

The entire line is created using 100% natural essential oils. Oils included:

  • Delicate bergamot.
  • Exotic neroli.
  • Soothing lavender.
  • Sandalwood with a smooth and deep scent.

Such an oil-energy complex normalizes the psycho-emotional state: inhaling a delicate aroma, you become calmer, your thoughts are cleared, your breathing becomes even, and your heartbeat is measured. Aromatherapy from Health & Beauty System gives a feeling of lightness and harmony. You can buy Relaxed Soul LR in the Health and Beauty store for use in various forms:

  • Essential oil with drip dispenser. Suitable for aroma diffuser, aroma lamp, aromatic stones and fireplace.
  • A bottle with a ball applicator. Apply natural oil on your wrists, neck, along the hairline at the back of your head - and you will feel like a delicate flower in the Garden of Eden, where there is only regularity and silence.
  • Butter body cream, 95% natural oil. In Health & Beauty Relaxed Soul in this format is in demand for individual use and as a gift.
  • Shower gel. It contains only natural components, incl. 100% natural oils. Effectively cleanses the skin, making it soft, smooth and silky, and calms the mind and promotes relaxation of the body.
  • Spray for pillows and other textiles in the house. This Relaxed Soul LR product from Health & Beauty online store is suitable for bed spray to make you fall asleep easily and sleep soundly. It can also be applied to curtains, blankets, rugs, napkins.

One of the most requested offerings is the Relaxed Soud kits. You can buy them to fill the house with a relaxing aroma and personal use, as well as as a gift to a loved one, friends, colleagues. The fragrance is universal for any age and gender.

Relaxed Soul high-quality aroma cosmetics at Health and Beauty Systems

Order Relaxed Soul at the Health and Beauty Center — we only have certified original products that meet international requirements. At the request of the client, we will consult free of charge on issues related to the product and the order. Our manager will help you choose your ideal product, as well as tell you how to use it as efficiently as possible. Any tool can be bought from 1 unit with delivery not only in Europe, but also in the USA, as well as in the Middle and Far East.

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