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Cheerful soul fragrance composition
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Cheerful soul roll-on
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Cheerful soul roll-on. Photo 1
Cheerful soul body sorbet
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Cheerful soul body sorbet. Photo 1
Cheerful soul shower gel
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Cheerful soul room and pillow spray
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Cheerful soul set
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Soul of nature LR products are unique aromatherapy products that are almost 100% natural ingredients. The main element of the funds is essential oils, which allow you to achieve a number of positive changes in the body.

Soul of nature in Luxury Health and Beauty online store

In the Luxury Health and Beauty store you can buy Soul of nature products in the following formats:

Everyone will be able to choose a convenient format for himself in order to test the effects of natural remedies and make sure of their effectiveness. You can also buy a complete Soul of nature LR kit, which will include all the components that ensure maximum effectiveness of aromatherapy. Delivery is available within the USA.

Soul of Nature by Health and Beauty is a professionally formulated fragrance based on natural essential oils. Each of them has its own, special effect, which is aimed at improving body condition:

  • Lemon. Provides a tonic effect, activates the protective functions of the body, helps to concentrate.
  • Orange. Fills body with energy, creates a refreshing effect, tones. Helps to improve mood, helps to recover.
  • Bergamon oil. Soul of nature from Health & Beauty contains this component, which soothes the skin and body, helps to relax, rejuvenate.
  • Lavender oil promotes relaxation, creates conditions for harmony with yourself, fills with strength.
  • Peppermint. It gives the effect of cheerfulness, activates forces for vitality, creates conditions for clarity of mind.
  • Eucalyptus. Provides activation of the body, allows you to focus on your goals.
  • Thyme. It is intended for focusing on goals, activating the internal forces of the body, toning.
  • Cedar. It has an invigorating effect, promotes inspiration.

Each product in the Soul of nature LR series contains a unique fragrance composition designed to achieve specific goals. The maximum effect can be obtained using a prepared set, which contains several products at once with different methods of application and a complex composition.

Original goods in Health and Beauty

The original Soul of nature LR products in our e-shop are produced exclusively in Germany under strict quality control. This allows you to buy safe products that have a noticeable effect on the application. Soul of nature LR from Health & Beauty system contains up to 99% natural ingredients, a significant part of which is 100% natural essential oils. You can use individual products in the series with selected effects and fragrances, or buy a ready-made kit with delivery to get the most out of it. Choose a format convenient for you and place an order for products without extra overpayments with delivery within the USA.

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