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Mind master extreme performance powder 5pcs set LR

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Direct, Intense, Effective.

Every body responds differently to challenging situations: Listen to your needs and give your body exactly the support it lacks. Do you need a quick energy boost? Do you have to be focused and concentrated in your stressful everyday work, but still want to give 100 % in your free time? Mind Master Extreme provides you with the boost of energy you need1 and supports you in overcoming your energy slump . In addition, Mind Master Extreme protects you from oxidative stress .

What’s more: Pro 12 and Colostrum provide a general sense of well-being.

Mind Master Extreme is the quick energy boost for mental and physical performance. Protects your cells from oxidative stress* .

Performance in convenient to-go format – without sugar.

  1. Energy boost for the soul

       - Awake and alert within minutes

      - For better performance, attention and concentration

       - Improves mental and cognitive funtion

2.  Energy boost for the body

       -Fit within seconds

      - For more stamina and enhanced performance

     - Supports muscle buil-up and regeneration

Special ingrediants:

green tea, guarana, coenzyme Q10, BCAA

Besides it is:

  • lacose-free
  • gluten-free
  • without artificial colorant
  • sugar-free

Recommended allowance:

Pour the content of the stick directly onto your tongue and let it dissolve in your mouth once a day

Volume: 35g/14 sticks 2,5g



* The caffeine contained in guarana helps to enhance attention and concentration. The caffeine contained in guarana contributes to increased endurance performance. Vitamin B12 helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Thiamine, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 support mental health. Vitamin E helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress. Patent No: EP2228067 1

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