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Top Zeitgard Pro cleansing set
In Stock
Zeitgard Pro cleansing set. Photo 1
Top New Zeitgard Pro intensive peeling set
Top Zeitgard Pro antiaging smoothing tool
Top New Zeitgard Pro firming body massage tool
Top New Zeitgard Pro complete set
In Stock
Zeitgard Pro complete set. Photo 1
Zeitgard pro Activating body cream
Zeitgard Pro massage tool attachment
Zeitgard Pro cleansing cream
In Stock
Zeitgard Pro cleansing cream. Photo 1
Zeitgard Pro Cleansing attachment and adapter
Zeitgard Pro Cleansing attachment
Zeitgard Pro Facial Toner
In Stock
Zeitgard Pro Facial Toner. Photo 1
Zeitgard Pro peeling attachment
Zeitgard Pro smoothing attachment

Zeitgard Pro cosmetic device – your beauty parlour at home.

Enjoy the luxury of pofessional treatment that brings the beauty parlou to your home: an innovative, patent-pending high-tech device with four different application options for effective cleansing and care of face and body – tailored to age-related and individual skin requirements.

LR Zeitgard Pro is the unique, technological cosmetic system that gives you longer lasting beauty.

  • Recommended by experts
  • Innovative, high-tech
  • Highly effective care formulas
  • Scientifically developed and tested cosmetics

New smart technology: 1 device & 4 beauty tools

Discover a new level for your daily beauty routine:

  • The patent-pending Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device of the new generation is apparative cosmetics at the highest level for timeless beauty.
  • An outstanding high-tech device that combines advanced technologies such as ultrasould and oscillation with four different beauty tools in professional quality. When changing the attachment, the smart Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device recognises with technology is being used.

Zeitgard Pro cosmetic device 4 in 1.

A patent pending device that unites and intelligently combines state-of-the-art technologies and four beauty tools. Whether face or body, cleansing or care – a true all-rounderat at the highest technological level.

  1. Zeitgard Pro Cleansing device.
    Gentle and thorough facial cleansing down to the pores. Two highly effective products complement professional cleaning woth the new Zitgard Pro cosmetic device. For pure skin like after visiting a beauty parlour.
  2. Zeitgard Pro intensive peeling set.
    The cavitation peeling with innovative ultrasound technology. Removes precisely dead skin cells, impurities and excess sebum from the pored and hair follicles. For visibly smoother, fresher and younger skin.
  3. Zeitgard Pro antiaging smoothing tool.
    Reduces the signs of aging. The ultrasound technology stimulates the cell metabolism and collagen synthesis of the skin and ensures that the active ingredients of the care products to penetrate deeper into the skin. For firmer, more resilient and elastic skin.
  4. Zeitgard Pro firming body massage set.
    Ultrasonic vibrations penetrate into the skin and liquefies the fat in the skin cells. So the liquefied fat in the skin cells can evenly reshape, giving the skin a smoother and firmer appearance.
    Active ingredients of the body cream penetrate deeper and faster into the skin using ultrasound technology. For building up in the deep layers of the skin, resulting in a long-lasting effect.

Face & body care products.

Daily and special care for face and body with highly effective care formulas for age-related and individual skin requirements. In combination with the prosfessional tools of the Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device, the effect of the premium cosmetic is noticeably intensified.

Our store works directly with the German manufacturer LR, supplying only high-quality original professional-level cosmetics. All products have passed dermatological tests and international certification. Upon request, we will consult for free and help you make a choice - here you can buy the ideal Zeitgard Pro  products for you. Delivery is possible in Europe, USA, Middle and Far East.

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