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15 Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget about simple but vital things. 60-75% of the total body weight, depending on age, is water. For the normal functioning of the body, it constantly has to be replenished. Juice, coffee, soda cannot replace it, they only pamper the taste buds and satisfy the needs. Plain water helps to maintain optimal body temperature, improves digestion, helps in the elimination of toxins and speeds up metabolism. It is very important to pay attention to the symptoms of lack of water in the body in order to avoid the development of health problems. 

Lack of water in the body symptoms

Good hydration is the key to health. With a lack of water, the human body in every possible way signals a problem. The main thing is to recognize the lack of water in body symptoms in time:


  1. Increase in the viscosity of saliva. Because of this, you constantly want to drink, especially during meals.
  2. Hunger. Another symptom of not getting enough water. If the feeling of hunger occurs almost immediately after eating, do not try to seize it. Try to replenish the fluid in the body.
  3. Joint pain. Cartilage and intervertebral discs, like other connective tissues, are made up of water. Crunching and discomfort, especially during exercise (jumping, running, sudden movements), are nothing more than signs that you need more water.
  4. Decreased muscle mass. This is also a symptom of water deficiency, because it is also present in large quantities in the muscles. Timely replenishment of fluid supplies will help solve this problem. Drinking pure water during and after training significantly reduces the risk of inflammation and creatura.
  5. Dry skin. It is the largest organ in the human body and performs many functions. Not surprisingly, flaking, dryness, and other problems are signs that your body needs water.
  6. Strong thirst. Some foods that a person consumes are able to remove fluid from the body. Listen carefully for this symptom of lack of fluid in the body. If you want to drink - quench your thirst, just do not use a variety of drinks containing sugar, preservatives or other substances for this.
  7. Dry eyes. The organs of vision are constantly in need of hydration, which contributes to the maintenance of a natural protective barrier and helps maintain optimal functioning of the eye. Lack of water in the body causes dryness and inflammation of the mucosa.
  8. Duration of illness. The liquid not only contributes to normal metabolism, but also the removal of toxins. Frequent and prolonged illness indicate a lack of water in the body. To solve this problem, sometimes it is enough to replenish fluid supplies in a timely manner. As a useful addition, you can use Probalance tablets LR.
  9. Lethargy, tinnitus and fatigue. It can also be a symptom of water deficiency. After all, the body, trying to get the liquid, “borrows” it from the blood. It becomes thick and viscous, the oxygen content drops. Remember, coffee will not save the situation.
  10. Heartburn and digestive problems. A fairly common symptom of lack of water, which is tried to be treated with medicines. Do not forget that the process of digestion begins in the mouth. Saliva dilutes chewed food, which is then sent through the esophagus to the stomach. An insufficient amount of mucus worsens this process, and gastric juice begins to affect not only the chyme, but also the gastrointestinal mucosa.
  11. Constipation. This is a direct symptom of lack of water. Fluid helps move digested food through the intestinal tract. With its deficiency, solid feces linger longer in the rectum.
  12. Decrease in the number of urination. 4-7 times a day is the norm for a person. A decrease in this amount is a symptom of water deficiency. Also pay attention to the color of urine - the darker and richer it is, the greater the deficit of fluid in the body.
  13. Premature aging. And this applies not only to wrinkles that can be seen, but also to internal problems. To prolong not only youth, but also life, pay attention to these symptoms of lack of water in the body. Probalance tablets 3pcs set LR can be an effective supplement for maintaining hydration due to its natural innovative composition.
  14. Elevated hemoglobin. With a decrease in the liquid component of the blood, the number of red blood cells increases.
  15. High blood pressure. It is more difficult to push thick blood through the vessels, so the body increases its tone. Because of this, the load on the heart increases and blood pressure rises.

If the question arises, what are the symptoms of insufficient drinking of water, then there are doubts about this. Don't underestimate the importance of hydration for the body. After all, fluid is present in all organs and tissues. Its deficiency leads to major health problems, and sometimes triggers irreversible processes.


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