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Probalance tablets LR

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Pro Balance

Pro Balance provides your body with valuable alkaline minerals and trace elements for internal balance.

Areas of application:

Tablets for the acidbase balance.
– For a regular function of the nervous system
– For a regular cartilage function
– Contributes to electrolyte balance
– For a regular energy metabolism
– For regular energy metabolism of macronutrients

Recommended Dosage:  

-daily 3×4 tablets

Selected ingredients: minerals and trace elements:

  • 15 % calcuim per daily allowance**
  • 53 % Magnesuim per daily allowance**
  • 87 % Calcuim per daily allowance**
  • 45 % copper per daily allowance**
  • 150 % chromate per daily allowance**
  • 160 % molybdenum per daily allowance**

Special properties:
– High quality product
– Selected minerals and trace elements
– Valuable mixture of citrates, carbonates and gluconates
– Lactose-free

Some minerals harmonize perfectly, while others impede each other. The right combination is therefore
particularly important. Only in this way can minerals support the acid-base balance of the body and fulfl a variety of other functions.

Volume: 360 tablets/252 g


**  Chromium contributes to the body’s normal metabolism of macronutrient. Potassium supports the regular functioning of the nervous system and muscles.  Magnesium helps to reduce exhaustion and fatigue and contributes to electrolyte balance. Calcium contributes to a normal energy metabolism and is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

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