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Cistus incanus capsules
In Stock
Cistus incanus capsules. Photo 1
Cistus Incanus The quick spray for the  throat
Cistus incanus soothing tea
In Stock
Cistus incanus soothing tea. Photo 1
Cistus incanus capsules 3 pcs set
Reishi plus capsules
In Stock
Reishi plus capsules. Photo 1
Colostrum capsules
In Stock
Colostrum capsules. Photo 1
Colostrum capsules 3 pcs set
In Stock
Colostrum capsules 3 pcs set. Photo 1
Reishi plus capsules 3 pcs set
In Stock
Reishi plus capsules 3 pcs set. Photo 1

Immunity & cells LR

Buying LR Immunity product line– means to taking care of your health. The name of the product series speaks for itself. Its goal is to boost immunity, improve health, strengthen resistance to diseases. Health & Beauty Immunity products help you fight seasonal viruses and chronic diseases.

When are Immunity Health & Beauty Systems products needed?

Using Immunity products by LR is especially important in case of reduced immunity, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. It will help with issues such as:

  • Deterioration of the skin condition;
  • Hair loss, brittle nails;
  • Frequent headaches, dizziness;
  • Deterioration of the condition of the joints;
  • Stiffness, muscle cramps.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: heartburn, belching, gastritis.
  • Edema on the body, cellulite.
  • Increased fatigue, sleep disturbances.

However, to analyze the state of health and find out the exact causes of such symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Immunity products range at Health and Beauty Center

In the online store you can buy Immunity & cells from LR for holistic approach to health.

  • To raise the immune system - Cistus incanus capsules . A large amount of vitamin C helps your blood cells get oxygenated. Advantageous offer - a set of capsules of three at a discount.
  • Reishi Plus Capsules contains Longevity Mushroom. Improves the functioning of the circulatory system, reduces fatigue, strengthens bones and teeth, protects cells from oxidation. When buying 3 pcs. profitable price.
  • Colostrum capsules are a miracle that cows give us with their first milk. Contains protein, fat, macro and microelements, lacto and bifidobacteria, vitamins and minerals. This is the nourishment of the body in the most natural way, because the capsule contains only 100% colostrum.
  • Calming Cistus incanus tea supports the immune system, soothes the nerves and warms. Contains large amounts of vitamin C.
  • Cistus incanus fast-acting throat spray is an ambulance at the first sign of a cold. With discomfort in the throat and perspiration, immediately apply the spray, the virus will not have a chance.

Also in the cold season, it is useful to buy our aromaterapy products to support health. Our website has a wide range of essential oils for different purposes.

In the USA our Immunity Health and Beauty products work for many years. They have earned the trust and love of his customers. We monitor the quality of products, do not make mistakes and value your health.

Items from Immunity line with a holistic approach. Check out the health products on our website and choose what is right for you.

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