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Aloe vera extra rich hand cream
Aloe vera moisturising body balm
Aloe vera soothing hand cream
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Aloe vera soothing hand cream. Photo 1
Aloe vera multicorrective body cream
Aloe vera multipurpose MSM body gel
Aloe vera regenerative foot cream
Aloe vera shaping body gel
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Aloe vera shaping body gel. Photo 1
Aloe vera vitalising shower gel
Aloe vera hair and body wash
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Aloe vera hair and body wash. Photo 1
Aloe vera body and hair care set
Aloe vera shaping body set
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Aloe vera shaping body set. Photo 1
Aloe vera body care set
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Aloe vera body care set. Photo 1

In order for the skin to remain radiant, tender and moisturized for a long time, it is important to choose the right care products. German cosmetics LR Health & Beauty Systems is known worldwide for its excellent quality and high efficiency. The composition of the products of this brand includes a natural extract of aloe vera, which is known for its nourishing and regenerating properties. You can buy LR Aloe vera Body care products on our website.

The company strictly controls the quality of raw materials in the production of cosmetics. To obtain the extract, plants are grown in environmentally friendly conditions, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We represent only the original products of this line in 29 countries, including the USA.

LR Body care range with aloe vera

In our catalog you can buy the following products:

  • LR Aloe vera shaping body gel. It strengthens and tightens the skin in the problem areas, stimulates lymph outflow and blood circulation, reduces swelling, making the shape of the figure more elegant;
  • Moisturizing balm  perfectly fights dryness, deeply nourishing the epidermis;
  • Hand cream. The nourishing cream formula is enriched with aloe vera and calendula extracts. The cream perfectly protects the dermis from the negative effects of the environment. The skin of the hands becomes soft and silky;
  • LR Aloe vera body balm. Tones the skin and improves its structure;
  • Shower gel. Provides comfortable cleansing, leaving a pleasant feeling of absolute freshness.

The innovative formula of the products allows them to penetrate the skin better, deeply moisturize the dermis and nourish it with beneficial trace elements. As a result, every cell of the epidermis is literally filled with youth and health. You can buy cosmetics of the LR body care line with delivery in the USA on our Luxury Health & Beauty beauty online store.

Body care from LR Health & Beauty Systems with delivery

Aloe vera juice has long been recognized as healing. Our ancestors also noticed that this amazing plant has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. Due to the fact that aloe vera contains a large amount of vitamins and amino acids, major cosmetic brands include it in their products.

Would you like to buy LR Aloe vera hand cream, or another product in this series? Place an order on our website. You will receive not only original German cosmetics, but also the highest quality of service.

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