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LR Aloe Vera Special Care - SOS help for the skin

The accelerated rhythm of life, trips and travels, changes in weather and climate - all this has a negative effect on the skin. Especially when it comes to sensitive and problematic skin type. To provide a first aid we recommend buying LR aloe vera special care box. Due to the unique composition, the products from this line carefully take care not only of the external beauty, but also of the internal state of the dermis.

Aloe vera special care and other products: the secret of efficiency

The main feature of the products that you can buy in our online store is the presence of an aloe vera natural extract. The refreshing gel for the care of dry and irritated skin contains 90% of aloe vera extract. Thanks to the healing properties of the extract in synergy with additional components, it is possible to provide:

  • Instant cooling and soothing of the skin;
  • Increase in elasticity;
  • Acceleration of regenerative processes;
  • Feeling of freshness and renewal.

But it's not the only one in the series.LR aloe vera special care, which is worth paying attention to in this category.

Another aloe vera special care cream from LR, which will become indispensable in any cosmetic bag, is the regulating dermaintense. In its composition:

  • 20% aloe vera extract - for soft texture and care for dry, damaged skin
  • Vitamin B12 complex - to accelerate regenerative processes, renew dermal cells
  • Mahonia extract - to soothe irritated skin, moisturize, combat redness and peeling.

Together, these components give an amazing effect. At the same time, without causing complications and irritations, since aloe vera special care products from LR does not contain perfume oils. Well, for those who like to combine healthy care with pleasant aromas, the brand has prepared a separate category – aromatherapy products

And those who are worried not only about the health of the skin, but also the condition of the muscles, can now buy  in the US special warming lotion from LR aloe vera special care line. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and also improves blood flow, which has a positive effect not only on the condition of the skin, but also on the muscles. Aloe vera gel (45% of the composition) in combination with essential oils effectively moisturize and nourish, relax muscles and help reduce pain.

Special offers from LR: how to choose?

Our online store presents not only individual skincare products, but also complete sets for taking care of the beauty and health of the whole body. One of my favorites is a special “box” that contains LR aloe vera special care universal concentrate in the form of a cream and in a convenient spray format (which is indispensable on the road and long journeys), as well as a soothing gel with propolis.

Well, to relax the body and nourish the skin, you can buy another option from the LR specal care series:  universal gel and relaxing thermal lotion.

Choose quality products directly from the manufacturer - please yourself and your loved ones!

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