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Top 5 in 1 Beauty elixir
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5 in 1 Beauty elixir. Photo 1
Top New 5 in 1 Men´s Shot
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5 in 1 Men´s Shot. Photo 1
Top New 5 in 1 Beauty elixir & 5 in 1 Men´s shot

LR 5 in 1 Beauty Elixir

German cosmetics is known all over the world for their highest quality of ingredients, innovative production technologies and high efficiency. We are the official distributor of LR Health & Beauty Systems, presenting these products in 29 countries, including the USA. The real diamond in this series of cosmetics is 5 in1 Beauty Elixir, which you can buy with delivery in the USA on our website.

It is a unique cocktail of biologically active substances intended for internal use. The main goal of the complex is to prolong youth, maintain beauty and health of women of any age. 5 in 1 Beauty elixir received rave reviews all over the world. Also in the online catalog you can buy products 5 in1 Men's Shot LR specially designed for men´s needs.

Benefits of LR 5 in 1 beauty elixir

Elixir has a complex effect on the body in five main areas:

  • Collagen peptides and vitamin C prevent the appearance of wrinkles, prevent early aging of the dermis;
  • Vitamin complex in combination with thiamine, niacin and zinc protects the skin from daily stress and negative environmental influences, fight pigmentation;
  • Collagen and aloe vera in Beauty elixir increase skin elasticity, prevent cellulite;
  • Biotin and copper help maintain healthy, shiny, strong hair;
  • Zinc included in the composition has a beneficial effect on the health of nails.

Just one dose of a vitamin cocktail per day is the guardian of your youth, beauty and health. LR 5 in 1 Beauty elixir is free of sweeteners, artificial colors, lactose and gluten. For its production, raw materials of the highest quality are used, undergoing strict control. We offer to buy Beauty elixir LR in the online store.

LR Beauty elixir delivery

The cocktail is very conveniently divided into portions in the form of small bottles. To maintain a young flowering appearance, it is enough to drink one dose per day. And, of course, we should not forget about a full-fledged varied diet.

Our site presents only original, certified products of the famous cosmetic brand LR. We are its authorized representative, and cooperate only with official suppliers. You can buy Beauty elixir in our store  within few minutes. Our customers receive legendary German quality and the corresponding level of service.

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