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Serox wrinkle care
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Serox antiaging care 50+

Serox Zeitgard LR products are an innovative anti-aging solution for professional-level care of mature skin right at home. Cosmetics of the new line Serox by LR in Health Beauty Systems are represented by products from Germany. Means have a multi-effect on the recovery processes in the skin:

  • Promote muscle relaxation, eliminate mimic wrinkles near the lips, eyes and forehead, and also make the skin microrelief less deep.
  • Thanks to a well-chosen combination of active ingredients Argireline, Ameliox, Spheres with hyaluronic acid, they make the skin more elastic, tighten the oval of the face, make the dermis look smoother and healthier.
  • The anti-aging effect is greatly enhanced by the combined use of an intensive cream with an instant action serum.

Here you can buy original cosmetic products for any age.

Serox LR range in our online store Luxury Health & Beauty

Among the anti-aging cosmetics presented in the catalog, the following positions can be distinguished:

  • Serox by LR anti-wrinkle is a mixture of several active ingredients with hyaluronic acid in the form of hyaluronic balls or spheres. Relevant for skin care after 50 years. A pronounced effect of smoothing fine wrinkles is achieved 30 minutes after application.
  • Serum instant result LR Serox is a mixture of highly active substances that smooth wrinkles, moisturize the skin and positively affect its structure and elasticity. It has a silky texture and is especially effective in combination with Serox Intense Cream.
  • Serox Intensive Result Cream - an exclusive and highly effective tool to combat skin aging. The result of rejuvenation becomes visually noticeable after the first use. The cream is extremely relevant for quick rejuvenation and freshening of the skin on those days when you should look especially good. It should be noted that it is advisable to buy the product for long-term use in order to steadily reduce the number and depth of wrinkles.

Zeitgard Serox LR products have been tested by the German leading research center Dermatest for a month on 30 women. The following results were obtained:

  • In 93% of the subjects, there was a noticeable rejuvenation and improvement in the condition of the skin.
  • 89% noted an increase in skin elasticity and its resistance to negative environmental influences.
  • 69-76% experienced a reduction and smoothing of wrinkles on the forehead, near the eyes and lips.

An increase in the positive effect with the combined use of serum and cream was observed by 86% of women.

In our store you can also buy:

  • Remedy Radiant skin with a double effect of rejuvenation and improvement of complexion.
  • Professional eye patches with collagen.
  • Anti-aging kits consisting of intensive cream, instant result serum, anti-wrinkle and eye patches.

Anti-aging cosmetics Serox by LR at wholesale prices with delivery

In our store, as the official distributor of the company, you can profitably buy Serox Zeitgard LR anti-aging skin care products 50+ with delivery to 27 countries around the world. Delivery time to European countries and the USA is 5-10 business days, to Eastern countries - up to 20 days. Conditions and time are specified at managers of the company.

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