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Microsilver anti dandruff shampoo
Microsilver deo roll on
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Microsilver plus face cream
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Microsilver plus face cream. Photo 1
Microsilver face wash
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Microsilver face wash. Photo 1
Microsilver face care set
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Microsilver face care set. Photo 1
Microsilver tooth paste
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Microsilver tooth paste. Photo 1

Microsilver is an innovative line of antibacterial cosmetics with silver particles. The unique combination of dexpanthenol (provitamin B5), zinc and highly active substances provides a triple effect:

  •  stimulates active skin regeneration;
  •  has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports the process of the skin self-healing;
  •  destroys bacteria and prevents their reproduction.

As a result of the use of this cosmetics, the general condition of the skin is significantly improved. The products of this line are used to prevent and reduce the manifestations of caries, periodontal disease, dandruff, excessive sweating and bad breath. You can buy LR Microsilver cosmetics with delivery in the USA in our online store.

Assortment of antibacterial line LR Health & Beauty Systems

The main task of this series is skin treatment, as well as a powerful antibacterial effect. One of the most popular products in the line is the Microsilver face cream. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating functions, perfectly moisturizes, eliminates peeling. In addition, on our website you can buy other products of the LR Microsilver plus series:

  • Toothpaste. Prevents the appearance of caries and serves as an excellent prevention of bad breath, as it prevents the growth of bacteria;
  • Means for washing. Gently cleanses the skin, soothes irritation and redness, has a regenerating effect;
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo. Cleanses and nourishes sensitive scalp, eliminates itching;
  • Antibacterial deodorant. Does not block perspiration, but at the same time actively prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Would you like to buy LR Microsilver plus face cream, toothpaste or any other product from this series? Our online store Luxury Health & Beauty offers original high-quality cosmetics in 29 countries, including the USA.

Antibacterial cosmetics LR Microsilver with delivery

German products of this line are very popular due to good efficiency, a unique combination of active ingredients and antibacterial properties. On this site you can order LR Microsilver plus cosmetics. We are the official distributor of the company, and we guarantee consumers high quality at a fair price.

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