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Mind master extreme performance powder
Mind master extreme performance powder 5pcs set
Night master
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Mental power of LR health and beauty systems: when the body needs energy

In the era of high speeds and frantic pace of life, the human body needs additional protection from the influence of negative factors. This applies to both physical and technogenic influence of the environment. Therefore, Luxury Health & Beauty made sure that in the US you can buy a product like Mind master LR.

Features of the professional line Mental power

Residents of megacities know how difficult it is to recover after busy everyday life. This is especially noticeable with age, when physical strength is gradually depleted and there is a need for additional resources.

The Mental Power set from LR Health & Beauty, containing powder in special sticks, can become such solution. This is a complex of active substances that is quickly absorbed and gives an energy boost to the body almost instantly. It is enough to pour the contents of the stick onto the tongue to provide:

  • Awakening of the body;
  • Additional charge of energy;
  • Acceleration of regeneration and growth of muscle tissue;
  • Concentration of attention;
  • Perfect brain activity, even under conditions of intense stress.

This effect of LR Mind masters is achieved by a combination of active and absolutely safe components for the human body. Among them:

  • Green tea - known for its antioxidant properties;
  • Guarana - providing an energy charge;
  • Coenzyme Q10 - necessary for brain function and mental clarity;
  • BCAAs - amino acids needed to suppress cortisol (stress hormone) and muscle growth.

In addition to LR mind master products, it is offered to buy a special drink “Night Master” in the online store. This kind of natural sleeping coctail has a wide range of positive effects on the body:

  • Promotes fast falling asleep;
  • Accelerates regenerative functions during sleep;
  • Helps to relax after intense exercise;
  • Promotes comfortable awakening.

It contains hops, saffron, L-tryptophan and, of course, aloe vera.

In addition, all products in this LR range are free of gluten, lactose and sugar, and are also suitable for a vegan diet. They are especially important to buy for those who monitor their health and lead an active lifestyle. Original German Health & Beauty Products in US

Our online store offers only original products directly from the manufacturer. This means that you can be sure of the quality of each item presented in the catalog. Take care of your beauty and health now - buy the professional line LR Mental power, and your body will not be left in debt!

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