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L-Recapin anti-hair loss tonic
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L-Recapin anti-hair loss tonic. Photo 1 L-Recapin anti-hair loss tonic. Photo 2
L-Recapin anti-hair loss shampoo
L-Recapin anti-hair loss treatment set

Hair cosmetics: Health and Beauty center by LR

Beautiful, thick, healthy hair is a natural decoration and addition to the image for both women and men. Therefore, the issue of scalp health is relevant for everyone. With this in mind, Luxury Health & Beauty has created a series of products "LR hair" that can provide not only standard daily care, but also unique therapeutic care. You can buy these care products in our store.

Health & Beauty hair cosmetics is a special line aimed at eliminating one of the most common problems that are characteristic of people of any gender and age. We are talking about alopecia, or, in simple terms - hair loss.

LR: hair cosmetics with therapeutic effect

Incorrect care, the influence of the environment and ecology, damaging factors (dyeing, waving, drying), heredity, specific diseases - all this can cause alopecia. In order to restore beauty and health in this case, it is necessary to act comprehensively: to prevent new damaging factors and eliminate the consequences of the main cause.

You should buy Health & Beauty system hair cosmetics - it can provide an integrated approach to solving the problem. Thanks to the unique composition and synergy of components, shampoo and tonic prevent hair loss, and a special product has a healing effect on the scalp and hair structure from the inside.

The LR hair and beauty system is:

  • Biotin peptides, which provide the synthesis of collagen molecules in the body, which stimulates growth;
  • Peppermint essential oil, which has powerful antibacterial properties;
  • D-panthenol - for elasticity, nutrition and hydration of the hair from the inside;
  • Oleanolic acid, which provides antimicrobial and antioxidant care;
  • L-arginine - an amino acid that promotes vasodilation and activation of blood circulation inside the skin and at the base of the hair follicles;
  • Biotinyl tripeptide-1, able to accelerate growth by 100% and reduce shedding by 50%;
  • As well as other components, the result of the interaction of which is healthy, beautiful, well-groomed, protected from damage hair - from the outside and from the inside.

Health and Beauty: US store officially from the manufacturer

At, you can buy the anti-alopecia system and other premium beauty and treatment products.

Our products provide not only high-quality therapeutic care for the head, but also anti-aging care for the skin. And if you want to turn ordinary beauty treatments into a real relaxation session, then take a look at the aromatherapy section.

Fall in love with the quality of our products from the first order! See for yourself - buy Health & Beauty System Hair Cosmetics!

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