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Welcome to Luxury Health & Beauty site and online store.

Luxury Health & Beauty is an official and outhorised distributor of German company LR Health & Beauty Systems with products of the highest quality and standards.  All our products are exclusively made in Germany and are of the highest quality standard.

Here everything is about improving the quality of life. Under the motto „More quality for your life“, our goal is to make each individual´s life even more liveable. This is due to the use of our high-quality health and beauty products.

Our quality standards come into play in all areas – from products development to customer service. Of course, we do not only make this claim to ourselves, but also to external service providers with whom we work together. Of course, we also focus on a number of social aspects in this context.

Raw materials & Suppliers.

We attach great importance to safe and first-class raw materials, of course, incorporating the latest findings from research and development. Therefore, we work exclusively with experienced raw materials suppliers. Our claim is very high – our suppliers are scrutinized very closely. We pay close attention to the use of high-quality raw materials and, for example, check the composition of each individual LR product before releasing the recipe. All supplied raw materials go through a special individualized inspection plan – for each batch, the analysis data obtained are used for the release and documented.

In addition, it is important to us that the relevant national and international regulations are complied with at the respective production sites. Regular inspections at local suppliers, for example in the Mexican production area of our Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, ensure both, the quality of our raw materials and our social compliance. Among other things, the SGS INSTITUS FRESENIUS is constantly testing our entire Aloe Vera cultivation – here it is strictly ensured that no pesticides are used. Here also the working conditions on the plantations are controlled. Another seal of approval for us is the membership in the “International Aloe Science Council” (IASC), an international association that is responsible for the interests of all aloe vera industries, especially with regard to science and research. As the part of its “Code of Ethics”, the IASC developed qualitative standard methods and strict requirements for audits every two years.

Processing and production

A large part of our products we produce in Germany, at the location Ahlen. For special products segments we also work with foreign suppliers. For example, we have some of our decorative cosmetics produced in Italy – the country known worldwide for its high quality decorative cosmetics. Of course, our quality standard “made in Germany” is retained here as well. So Italy stands for the best recipe quality, the highest color and fashion competence and not least for many years of experience in this segment. In this area we have a social responsibility as well as we have decided not to test any cosmetics on animals even before the Europe-wide introduction of the statutory animal experiment ban.