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Recommended Aloe vera anti-aging sun set SPF50
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Aloe vera sun protection set SPF30. Photo 1
Aloe vera sun spray SPF30
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Aloe vera sun spray SPF30. Photo 1
Aloe vera  after sun  gel cream
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Aloe vera  after sun  gel cream. Photo 1
Aloe vera SPF30 sun lotion
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Aloe vera SPF30 sun lotion. Photo 1
Aloe vera SPF 50 anti-age fluid
Aloe vera kids SPF50 sun care spray

Luxury Health Beauty store: aloe vera sun care from the brand LR

There is an opinion that sunscreens are necessary only during the period of increased activity of the sun or during the “beach” season. But thanks to the communication between the resorts, such leisure can be arranged at any time of the year. And the effect of ultraviolet radiation in combination with the wind on the skin does not stop at all all year round. Buying LR aloe vera sun care is relevant at any time of the year. Funds can be stored in a family first aid kit, an individual cosmetic bag or a handbag. These are specially designed care products for both adults and children.

Line Features aloe vera sun care  LR health & beauty

For a comfortable stay while traveling and getting a tan without negative consequences for the skin, we recommend buying products from the LR aloe vera sun care line. This is especially true for problematic and sensitive, as well as fair skin, which is particularly susceptible to UV rays of different scales.

Sun care health and beauty center contains natural extract from aloe vera, shea butter and other active ingredients. This composition provides:

  • Intensive hydration and nourishment of the skin, which is especially important in the hot season.
  • Protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (prevention of burns of varying degrees and a further risk of serious diseases of the dermis).
  • Acceleration of regenerative processes, which contribute to rejuvenation.
  • Gentle care even for sensitive skin, incl. nursery, which can be used on an ongoing basis.

For those who care about skin health not only during the season of high sun activity, we recommend buying products such as LR aloe vera sunscreen spf 50 (fluid). The fact is that even in cloudy weather, UV radiation affects the health and condition of skin cells. Subsequently, this can result in premature aging and wilting. This is especially true for those who travel frequently on business trips, as climate in USA is heterogeneous, and the skin is very sensitive to such factors.

LR: sun care with aloe vera for the whole family

In our online store you can buy beauty, health and comfortable care products for the whole body. The peculiarity of our products is the quality guaranteed by the manufacturer and the ability to order products directly from Germany.

This also applies to line Aloe vera sun care health & beauty, which, thanks to the basis of natural ingredients, will provide gentle care and protection from the harmful effects of sun rays. Enjoy the sun and a safe tan at any time of the year - with the whole family!

If you want not only to protect your skin from the negative effects of sunlight, but also to fully relax, pay attention to the line Aromatherapy products from LR.

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