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How to use essential oils?

How essential oils are used in aromatherapy

The use of essential oils has been known since ancient times. These substances were considered very valuable and therefore were available only to the highest nobility - emperors and other rulers. Considering how they were mined without the benefits of technological progress that we have today, it becomes clear why only a few could afford such a luxury as the use of essential oils.

Today, these substances are used even more widely than in ancient times, and at the same time are available to almost every layman.

How to use aromatherapy oil correctly?

It all depends on what effect and under what manipulations you need to achieve. Due to the unique composition and useful properties, oils are used: 

  • In cosmetology - to soften and heal the skin, care for hair and nails, enhance the effect of other cosmetic products, incl. anti-aging. Especially popular are tea tree oil, apricot kernel, peppermint, rose, etc., i.e. fruity and floral.During water procedures - for a bath and a bathroom. Here, “woody” compositions are used more, in most cases - coniferous and with a hint of flowers.
  • For the prevention of diseases of the skin, joints and blood vessels. How to use essential oils in this case and with what dosage - it is better to consult a doctor who understands this issue.
  • For inhalation, as a prevention and treatment of ENT diseases. Usually, special devices (inhalers) are used for this, where literally a couple of oil drops are added to the base. But before starting a complex of such procedures, it is also important to consult with a specialist.
  • For relaxation and relaxation. Many people probably know how to use essential oil for aromatherapy. Someone combines this ritual with water procedures, and someone uses aroma lamps - in the morning, before going to bed and at any time when you want to pamper yourself with luxurious aromas with health benefits. And both physical and mental.

The subtleties of choosing essential oils and contraindications

You can read in detail how to use essential oils for aromatherapy in the instructions for any aroma composition. But before you buy the product you like, you need to consider:

  • Oils should be sold in special containers (bottles or jars should in no case be transparent).
  • Beautiful packaging design does not guarantee a quality product.
  • The substance itself can be created in different technical conditions, which directly affects its beneficial properties and the presence of contraindications. Therefore, it is better to buy essential compositions directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees proper quality.

The use of essential oils in aromatherapy, as in other procedures, has practically no contraindications. Exceptions are those cases when an allergic reaction to a certain component may develop. But usually everyone knows these features of their own, so aromatherapy goes without complications and with health benefits.

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Fill your home with wonderful aromas, fill your body with cheerfulness and energy, or give yourself moments of calm and relaxation.

Try it once - and you will have another pleasant and at the same time useful habit!


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