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Beauty that comes from inside.

Beauty that comes from inside.

Youthful beauty does not depend only on external body care. An optimal supply of nutrients from within is just as important. In addition to a one-sided diet, there are many factors that negatively affect our appearance: stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, UV radiation and exposure to ozone throw our digestive system out of balance, so that food is not digested properly and vitamins, minerals or trace elements cannot be absorbed appropriately. Ther result is undesirable metabolites that leave visible traces.

With the flow of time, our body can no longer produce or utilise the required nutrients in sufficient quantities. No matter what age you are, True Beauty 5in1 elixir offers you a unique, simple solution that activates the beauty processes from depth and protects your body against the main causes of aging. 

The 5in1 Beauty Elixir owes its unique mode of action to the innovative dual complex consisting of active and preventive complex.

  • The active complex with a highly concentrated dose of collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, zinc, copper and 9 important vitamins activates the beauty processes and reduces signs of aging.
  • The preventive complex uses the power of Aloe vera and four other natural extracts to provide preventive protection against the main causes of aging and external environmental aggressors.
  • The to-go shot is also completely free from sweeteners, artificial colours, lactose and gluten.

5in1 beauty elixir fulfils your 5 biggest beauty wishes with only 1 shot a day – for natural persistent beauty.

  1. Youthful look with fewer wrinkles

  2. Beauiful complexion

  3. Healthy connective tissue

  4. Strong shiny hair

  5. Strong, healthy nails

For natural beauty that lasts.

5in1 Beauty Elixir is our 2019 German brand award winner.


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