Health & Beauty specialist´s advise

Zeitgard –  An Integrated Solution for Timeless Beauty

For eternity people have longed for eternal youth and beauty in their dreams. The integrated ZEITGARD Anti-Age Management helps you stop time and to preserve the youthfulness of your facial skin. ZEITGARD has been specifically designed for professional use at home. Rely on innovative technology which you previously only knew from beauty salons. In just three simple steps you will achieve lasting results. You will begin with a thorough deep skin facial cleansing, preparing your skin for further care. This is followed by an anti-age treatment which can smooth skin wrinkles and stimulates deeper layers of the skin with a noticeable, immediate effect. The final step is a comprehensive, skin-type-specific restoring care, which contributes to the regeneration of the skin and should give you a long lasting young and fresh look. Do not wait any longer; turn your clock back now. Take your beauty into your own hands with ZEITGARD.

Microsilver – Special and all-round care

LR’s Microsilver Plus provides functional skin care for the entire body – from head to toe. Our Microsilver Plus skin care products have many benefits: Microsilver has anti-bacterial, regulating and stabilizing properties. The combination with precious additional ingredients or minerals optimize the effect of the individual skin care products.

Microsilver can be found in numerous body and skin care products. For instance, it is used in tooth care products for sensitive gum and to combat bad breath. In skin creams Microsilver helps to fight skin impurities and pimples and to moisturise dry and chapped skin. Microsilver products are also helpful in combating dandruff as well as body and underarm perspiration.

What is microsilver?

Microsilver is a nano-porous silver (silver powder, particle size approx. 11.6 µms) with a sponge-like surface structure. It features a large anti-microbiological surface. Microsilver Plus is the first range of cosmetic products to use it to benefit the skin.

Pure Microsilver has anti-bacterial, regulating and stabilizing properties. In combination with precious additional ingredients such as hydroxyapatite, Defensil, ectoine, mineral stone extracts or mineral compounds the effectiveness of the individual products is further enhanced.

Why skin care with LR’s Microsilver?

Many competing products use colloidal silver (metallic silver particles, silver salts and silver proteins). Our nano-porous silver with a sponge-like surface structure and consistent particle size acts exclusively on the skin surface. Unlike in chemical compounds of silver (silver salts) which are sometimes used for the same applications, there are no side effects to be expected.